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Snare Side Drum

The Snare Side drumhead may not be as celebrated as its batter counterpart, but it plays a pivotal role in shaping your drum’s sound. At Decibel Audio Kenya, we offer a specially designed Snare Side drumhead constructed with a single ply of 5mil film. This unique construction gives it distinct qualities that are ideal for various drumming styles.

Dark and Throaty Sound

One of the standout features of the Snare Side drumhead is its ability to produce a dark and throaty sound. This sound profile is perfect for drummers who prefer deep drums or engage in heavy rock performances. The 5mil film thickness contributes to this characteristic, allowing for a rich and resonant tone that stands out in the mix.

Easy Tuning and Extended Pitch Range

Tuning your snare drum can sometimes be a challenging task, but with the Snare Side drumhead, it becomes a breeze. Its construction permits easy tuning adjustments, making it effortless to find the sweet spot for your desired sound. Additionally, this drumhead offers an extended pitch range, giving you more room to experiment with your snare’s tonal qualities.

Optimum Sound Quality

Sound quality is paramount for any drummer, and the Snare Side drumhead delivers on this front. Its construction ensures that you achieve optimum sound quality, whether you’re playing quietly or unleashing thunderous beats. The consistent sound it produces makes it an ideal choice for studio recordings and live performances alike.

Excellent Snare Response

When it comes to snare response, the Snare Side drumhead truly shines. Drummers often seek a drumhead that responds well to their playing dynamics, and this drumhead doesn’t disappoint. Even at high dynamic levels, it maintains excellent snare response, ensuring a powerful and controlled performance that’s vital for genres demanding precision and intensity.

A Versatile and Expressive Choice

The Snare Side drumhead available at Decibel Audio Kenya is a versatile and expressive choice for drummers of all skill levels. Whether you’re playing deep grooves, heavy rock, or any other genre that requires a commanding presence, this drumhead will help you achieve your desired sound effortlessly.

To experience the rich and throaty sound of the Snare Side drumhead, visit Decibel Audio Kenya at our Luthuli Avenue location in Nairobi, Kenya, or explore our website at Our experienced staff is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect equipment to enhance your drumming experience.

In the world of percussion, the Snare Side drumhead is a true gem, and at Decibel Audio Kenya, we are proud to offer it to drummers seeking to unlock their full musical potential. Get ready to unleash the power and control of your snare drum with this remarkable drumhead and make your musical presence felt like never before.

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