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drumming equipment

Tom Holders

Tom holders are indispensable components of any drum set. These specialized hardware pieces are designed to securely mount tom drums, those smaller, melodic drums that add depth and character to a drummer’s performance. Without a reliable tom holder, achieving the ideal positioning and stability for these drums can be a challenging task. At Decibel Audio […]

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Snare Stand

The snare stand is an indispensable tool for any drummer, and at Decibel Audio Kenya, we understand the importance of having reliable equipment. Designed to provide maximum stability and security during your drumming sessions, the Snare Stand is an exceptional choice for both beginners and seasoned drummers. Stability is Key One of the standout features

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Ride 20 Sabian B8

The Sabian B8 series is renowned for its high-quality cymbals, and the Ride 20″ Sabian B8 is no exception. Constructed from Sabian’s proprietary B8 alloy, which is enriched with copper, this medium-weight cymbal offers a distinctive higher-end resonance that sets it apart from the rest. This special alloy blend not only ensures durability but also

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Meinl Cymbals

Meinl Cymbals includes a pair of 14″ hi-hats, a 16″ crash, and a 20″ ride cymbal, featuring standard sizes that provide a full range of sounds. These medium-weight cymbals come in a traditional finish, offering a clear stick response with a medium sustain. With these essential core cymbal types, the set is perfect for beginners

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Kick Pedal

The ST-900 RISING Kick Pedal is designed to deliver a powerful and responsive performance that drummers crave. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, this pedal is engineered to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Double-Chain Drive System At the heart of the ST-900 RISING Kick Pedal is a robust double-chain drive system.

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Bass Drum Claw

The Bass Drum Claw Hook and Tension Rods may sound like technical jargon, but they are vital components that can greatly impact your drumming experience. These ingenious devices are designed to ensure your bass drum sounds its absolute best. At Decibel Audio Kenya, we understand the importance of these small but essential parts in the

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