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The Sennheiser HD 206 headphones are designed to provide an exceptional audio experience, whether you’re a musician, a producer, a DJ, or just a music lover. Let’s delve into what makes these headphones a must-have for your collection. Closed-Back Design for Ultimate Isolation One of the standout features of the Sennheiser HD 206 headphones is […]

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At Decibel Audio Kenya, we understand the importance of high-quality sound. The Microamp HA400 boasts four high-power stereo amplifiers that ensure outstanding sound quality, even at maximum volume levels. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a professional musician, or a recording engineer, this headphone amplifier delivers crystal-clear audio, allowing you to hear every nuance of your

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DT 770 PRO

Are you on the hunt for studio headphones that deliver exceptional sound quality, unmatched comfort, and unwavering reliability? Look no further than Decibel Audio Kenya, Nairobi’s premier musical shop, located on the bustling Luthuli Avenue. We are excited to introduce you to the DT 770 PRO closed studio headphones, a true gem in the world

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Audio Technica

Audio-Technica is renowned for its commitment to delivering premium audio experiences, and their wireless professional studio headphones are no exception. Packed with advanced features, these headphones guarantee that every note, beat, and vocal is reproduced with astonishing clarity. At the heart of these headphones are 40mm drivers, rare earth magnets, and copper-clad aluminum wire voice

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