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Shure Sax 6000

The Shure Sax 6000 is a remarkable clip-on adjustable microphone designed with the needs of brass and woodwind instrument players in mind. Whether you’re a saxophonist, trumpeter, clarinetist, flutist, or trombonist, this high-quality microphone promises to revolutionize your sound.

Exceptional Sound Capture

At the heart of the Sax 6000 is its exceptional sound capture capabilities. Musicians can expect nothing less than a true representation of their instrument’s tone. The microphone’s sensitivity and precision allow you to capture the nuances and subtleties of your music, ensuring your audience hears every note in all its glory.

Versatile and Adjustable

One of the standout features of the Sax 6000 is its versatility. This microphone’s adjustable design allows for effortless and precise positioning. You can easily find the perfect angle and placement to achieve optimal sound pickup, ensuring your performance shines.

Fine-Tune Your Sound

Musicians have different playing styles and may find themselves in various acoustic environments. The Sax 6000 caters to these diverse needs with its convenient volume control feature. You can fine-tune the microphone’s sensitivity to match your unique style and adapt to different venues, whether you’re performing on stage or in the studio.

Wireless Connectivity

The Sax 6000 doesn’t stop at exceptional sound quality; it also brings modern convenience to your musical setup. The inclusion of a Bluetooth receiver allows for seamless integration with compatible devices like smartphones, tablets, or wireless transmitters. This wireless capability adds flexibility to your performances and recording sessions, giving you the freedom to move without being tethered by cables.

Universal Compatibility

To make your life easier, the Sax 6000 package includes a 3.5mm to 1/4″ jack adaptor. This ensures compatibility with various audio equipment, such as mixers and amplifiers commonly used by musicians. You won’t have to worry about finding the right connections; the Sax 6000 has you covered.

Rechargeable and Reliable

Musicians know that every second counts, and the Sax 6000 respects your time. It’s rechargeable via the provided micro USB cable, boasting a quick 2-hour charge time. Once fully charged, you’ll have a generous 5 hours of usage time. This means you can rely on the Sax 6000 for extended performances or recording sessions without any interruptions.

The Shure Sax 6000: Your Indispensable Musical Tool

The Shure Sax 6000 is more than just a microphone; it’s your ticket to achieving unparalleled sound quality, flexibility, and convenience. Whether you’re a professional musician or an aspiring artist, this microphone will help you unlock your full potential. Decibel Audio Kenya, located on Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi, is your trusted source for this exceptional audio equipment.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your musical journey with the Shure Sax 6000. Visit or stop by our shop in Nairobi to experience the Sax 6000 for yourself. Elevate your music, captivate your audience, and create unforgettable moments with the Shure Sax 6000 from Decibel Audio Kenya.

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