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Martin Audio Bass

In the world of music, every note and rhythm counts, and having the right equipment to produce the perfect sound is crucial. Whether you are a professional musician, a DJ, or a music enthusiast, the importance of a reliable sub-bass system cannot be overstated. When it comes to delivering deep, thunderous bass that shakes the very foundations of your musical experience, look no further than the Martin Audio Bass – a vented sub-bass system that packs a powerful punch.

Unveiling the Martin Audio Bass

The Martin Audio Bass is a true powerhouse in the realm of subwoofers. Designed to deliver an exceptional low-frequency performance, this sub-bass system is a game-changer for any audio setup. Let’s dive into the specifications that make the Martin Audio Bass stand out:

Frequency Range: The Martin Audio Bass offers a frequency response ranging from 40Hz to 120Hz ± 3dB, ensuring that you experience the full spectrum of deep, resonant bass tones.

Bass Driver: At the heart of this sub-bass system is an 18-inch (460mm) bass driver, specially engineered to handle the most demanding low-frequency sounds with precision and clarity.

Power Handling: With a rated power of 500W AES and a peak power handling capability of 2000W, the Martin Audio Bass is designed to handle even the most intense bass-heavy tracks without breaking a sweat.

Amplifier Compatibility: To get the best out of this sub-bass system, it is recommended to pair it with an amplifier outputting between 400 to 1000W into 4 ohms.

Sensitivity and SPL: The Martin Audio Bass boasts an impressive sensitivity of 99dB, making it highly efficient in converting amplifier power into sound. It delivers a continuous maximum SPL of 124dB and can reach a peak SPL of 130dB, ensuring that your music is not only felt but also heard loud and clear.

Nominal Impedance: The subwoofer has a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, making it compatible with a wide range of audio equipment.

Crossover: Featuring a 120Hz active/passive crossover, the Martin Audio Bass seamlessly integrates into your existing audio setup, allowing for precise control over your sound output.

Construction and Design: Built to withstand the rigors of professional use, the enclosure of the Martin Audio Bass is crafted from 150-liter multi-laminate birch ply and finished with textured black paint. Its robust construction ensures durability, even in demanding environments.

Protection: The subwoofer is equipped with a black perforated steel protective grille, safeguarding the bass driver without compromising on sound quality.

Connectivity: The Martin Audio Bass comes with 2 x Neutrik NL4 connectors, ensuring a secure and reliable connection to your audio source.

Mounting Options: For added convenience, this sub-bass system features a top hat fitting for mounting purposes, allowing you to position it wherever you need to achieve the best sound projection.

Dimensions and Weight: The Martin Audio Bass measures (W) 561mm x (H) 690mm x (D) 595mm or (W) 22.1 inches x (H) 27.2 inches x (D) 23.4 inches, making it a manageable size for various applications. Despite its power, it remains relatively portable, with a weight of 45kg (99 lbs).

If you are in search of a sub-bass system that delivers uncompromising performance, the Martin Audio Bass should be at the top of your list. Its impressive specifications, durable construction, and versatile design make it a valuable addition to any musical setup. Whether you are rocking the stage, DJing a party, or simply enjoying your favorite tunes at home, the Martin Audio Bass will elevate your audio experience to new heights, ensuring that every beat and bassline is felt in all its glory. Discover the true power of bass with Martin Audio’s exceptional sub-bass system, and let your music resonate like never before.

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