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12 U Rack Case

The 12U Rack Case is a premium quality, custom-built flight case designed for professional use. It features removable front and rear doors, each 70mm deep internally, providing easy access to the equipment inside. The case is constructed with strong 9mm black hexa board material, with the option to choose from other colors. It has external dimensions of w511mm x d707mm x h728mm (including castors) and a depth of 450mm (usable depth of 400mm) between the rails. The rack strip is double hole fitted at the front and rear, and all necessary rack nuts, bolts, and washers are supplied. The case includes 4″ swivel rubber castors, with 2 of them equipped with brakes for stability during transportation. Additionally, it comes preassembled and ready to use, featuring ALU 19′ sliding rack rails on the front and back. The case is built with heavy-duty Penn Elcom fittings and is equipped with 8 butterfly catches and 4 recessed flip handles for easy handling. Pro Flightcases, including the Pro Rack Case 12U, are renowned for their high-quality protection, making them the preferred choice for professionals worldwide. Moreover, they come with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring long-lasting durability (terms and conditions apply).


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