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Numark M6

The M6 is a versatile four-channel mixer designed for club-style mixing and computer integration. It is compatible with standard audio sources like turntables and CD players, as well as offering a USB computer connection. This plug-and-play feature allows DJs to mix audio from music-player software and record their sets in any audio recording application on their Mac or PC. The mixer includes performance essentials such as a three-band EQ and LED metering per channel, along with a replaceable crossfader with slope control that can be assigned to any channel. Additionally, M6 features a dedicated XLR microphone channel and a secondary mic input on channel four, enabling easy mixing with a microphone. To ensure excellent sound quality, the M6 offers balanced outputs. With the M6 mixer, DJs can enjoy the flexibility of a four-channel mixer while harnessing the power of computer connectivity for enhanced mixing and recording capabilities.


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