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16 U RACK Case

16 U Rack Case is a top-quality and durable flight case designed to protect and transport rack-mounted equipment. It features 4 castors, with 2 of them equipped with brakes, ensuring easy maneuverability and stability during transportation. The case has a depth of 450mm, providing a usable depth of 400mm to accommodate various rack-mounted gear. It is constructed with strong 9mm plywood, offering reliable protection for valuable equipment.

The case comes with removable front and back lids, making it convenient to access and set up the equipment inside. It is pre-assembled and ready to use, saving time and effort during setup. Additionally, all necessary washers, nuts, and screws are included for hassle-free assembly.

For easy handling and portability, the case is equipped with 4 recessed flip handles and 8 butterfly catches, ensuring a secure closure.


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