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Led Drum Sticks

Led Drumsticks offer an extraordinary visual experience with amazing light effects as they move through the air. These unique drumsticks change color with a single swing and come equipped with 15 vibrant colors. The upgraded tail knob ensures that the rechargeable battery stays securely in place, and the USB charging design eliminates the need for […]

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Drum Brush

Our Drum Brush package includes a pair of high-quality brushes designed to enhance your drumming experience. These brushes are built to last, featuring wire bristles and a retractable metal loop end that ensures durability during your most energetic drumming sessions. The metal loop end is a handy addition that provides excellent control and a consistent

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Aluminium Alloy Drum Sticks

Our Aluminum Alloy Drum Sticks are the result of meticulous craftsmanship and engineering. These drumsticks are made from a high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring unmatched durability and resistance to rust. Say goodbye to worrying about your drumsticks deteriorating over time. With these sticks, you’re making an investment in your drumming future. Versatility for All Drummers: One

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