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Ur 22 mk ii

The U-PHORIA UMC22 is a top-of-the-line audio interface designed to deliver exceptional recording quality and reliability. This ultra-compact 2 x 2 USB audio interface features a professional-grade Midas-designed Mic Preamp, ensuring pristine sound reproduction for your vocals and instruments. With its combination XLR/TRS input, you can connect microphones or line-level sources, and the additional ¼” instrument input allows you to directly plug in your guitar or bass without the need for a DI box.

The UMC22 offers a rich feature set, including a powerful Phones Output for direct monitoring of your recording sessions, as well as two Outputs and USB-powered operation, making it incredibly portable and versatile for on-the-go recording. Its 48 kHz precision resolution ensures detailed and high-quality recording of your musical creations.

For musicians and creators looking for a quick and seamless way to capture their musical ideas, the UMC22 is the perfect solution. With its user-friendly design, you can easily connect your microphone or instrument, and the interface ensures an ultra-clean pathway to your computer’s hard drive, guaranteeing professional-level results.

Whether you’re a solo musician or part of a band, the U-PHORIA UMC22 empowers you to make recording history with its exceptional audio performance and studio-grade features. It’s the ideal companion for capturing your next big hit and elevating your music production to new heights.


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