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Mt-40 Guitar Tuner

The Musedo MT-40 Guitar Tuner is a versatile and essential 3-in-1 tool for musicians, catering to guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele players. With the ability to tune instruments flat up to 4 semi-tones, it ensures precise tuning and keeps unwanted disruptions off the stage. The built-in metronome with multiple rhythms helps musicians develop a steady sense of timing, and the ear-training feature with a tone generator enables players to tune to A4 and explore various pitches. The tuner offers a wide tuning range from A0 to C8 with a high precision of ±1 cent and an A4 range of 430~450Hz. It can be used with the built-in microphone or plugged in, and the 360-degree rotation makes it easy to read from any angle. The MT-40 also provides the convenience of using earphones to practice with the metronome discreetly. Designed for ease of use and accuracy, this black plastic tuner is a must-have accessory for every musician’s toolkit.


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