M-Audio Nova

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The M-Audio Nova is a remarkable studio microphone engineered for precise and high-quality sound capture. Featuring a 1.1″ diameter evaporated gold diaphragm, this microphone delivers a smooth and accurate sound reproduction that’s ideal for various studio applications. The cardioid pickup pattern enhances its versatility by effectively isolating the intended sound source while minimizing unwanted ambient noises, making it an excellent choice for vocals, instruments, and other studio recording needs.

Designed with Class A solid-state electronics, the M-Audio Nova ensures low noise and minimal coloration, maintaining the integrity of the recorded audio. The solid brass body and capsule not only contribute to the microphone’s robust build but also provide protection and reliability, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The ready-to-use package, which includes a hard mount for secure positioning, a soft case for storage and transportation, and an XLR cable for immediate connectivity, makes the M-Audio Nova a comprehensive and convenient solution for both professional and home studios. With its combination of advanced technology and thoughtful design, the M-Audio Nova stands as a reliable tool for audio engineers and musicians seeking a high-quality microphone for their studio endeavors.


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M-Audio Nova


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