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Ev e115

The technical specifications are as follows: Sensitivity along the axis: 95dB. Construction material: 9-ply plywood with a thickness of 15 layers, internal support, and Textured paint. Frequency response (-3dB): 75Hz-18KHz. Frequency response (-10dB): 50Hz-20KHz. Recommended high-pass frequency: 40Hz. Maximum sound pressure level: 134dB. Coverage angle horizontally and vertically (-6dB): 90 degrees and 50 degrees respectively. Low-frequency transducer: EVS-15K, 381 (15-inch) bass single dollar. High-frequency transducer: DH-1K, 39 (1.5-inch) titanium diaphragm compression driver. Crossover frequency: 1.7KHz. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Minimum impedance: 7.4 ohms. Connection terminal: Dual NL4.


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