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Bose Control

The Bose 151 outdoor speakers are designed for outdoor use and come with a wall-mounting option for easy installation. These next-generation outdoor speakers feature three 2″ full-range drivers in an Articulated Array speaker design, which ensures a wide and even sound dispersion for a better listening experience outdoors. The speakers also come with 2 1/2″ full-range glass-filled speaker cones, providing clear and dynamic audio performance. The cabinets are constructed with glass-filled polypropylene material, making them durable and weather-resistant for outdoor use. The package includes 2 speakers, 2 mounting brackets, bracket locking screws, lock washers, bracket-to-speaker mounting screws, wood screws, and wall anchors, offering everything needed for a hassle-free setup. With their superior sound quality and rugged design, the Bose 151 outdoor speakers are an ideal choice for outdoor audio entertainment.


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