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The BNK X85 -6in 1 wireless microphone is a versatile and high-performance microphone system suitable for various applications such as churches, stadiums, mosques, and places of worship. It features six handheld microphones in one receiver, reducing the need for multiple receivers. The microphone uses UHF technology, providing little to no interference from other receivers. Each microphone is equipped with a digital LCD display that shows the frequency, battery level, and channel. The receiver also displays the same information for easy monitoring. With a range of over 100 meters (200 meters in open space), the BNK X85 ensures reliable and clear audio transmission. The microphone is powered by AA-size batteries and comes with a power adapter for convenience. Its sleek metal design and titanium cartridge with an inbuilt pop shield further enhance its performance and durability. Whether in a worship setting or a large event, the BNK X85 wireless microphone guarantees exceptional sound quality and reliable performance.


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