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Allen&Heath Gl-2400

The GL2400 is a versatile and widely recognized mixing console known for its compact design and powerful capabilities. Available in frame sizes ranging from 16 to 40 channels, including 2 dual stereo channels, it caters to various audio mixing needs in venues and hires stockists worldwide. This industry-standard mixer offers LR and M main outputs, 4 audio groups with pan control, and 6 auxiliary sends with per-channel pre/post fader switching, providing extensive control over audio signals. It also features a 7×4 matrix for additional routing options and flexible FOH and monitor mixing configurations. The GL2400 is suitable for recording applications with its channel direct outputs, and it allows stereo channel line inputs to be independently routed to LR. Each channel comes with a 4-band, 2-sweep EQ, 100Hz channel high pass filters, and individual phantom power and polarity switching. The mixer incorporates high-quality components and a low-noise mix head amp design, ensuring optimal audio performance. It is equipped with various monitoring and metering options, as well as talkback functionality. The GL2400 also provides convenient features like an oscillator and pink noise generator, headphone and local monitor outputs, and internally balanced XLR outputs with +26dBu drive capability. With its rugged construction and thoughtful design, the GL2400 is a reliable and efficient tool for professional audio engineers, making it a preferred choice in live sound and recording applications.


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