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Ring Light 12″

The 12″ Dimmable Ring Light is designed to cater to the diverse lighting needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike. With its three color modes – white, warm yellow, and warm white – and ten adjustable brightness levels, you have the freedom to customize your lighting environment to suit any situation. Whether you’re preparing for a photoshoot, applying makeup, recording videos, reading, or engaging in live streaming, this ring light has got you covered.

Perfect Your Illumination Angle

Finding the ideal lighting angle has never been easier, thanks to the ring light’s adjustable tripod head that offers a 180° rotation angle. This feature ensures that you can achieve the perfect lighting angle, eliminating shadows and enhancing the quality of your content. Say goodbye to uneven lighting and hello to professional-grade illumination!

A Plethora of LEDs for Outstanding Brightness

Boasting an impressive array of 148 LED lights, this ring light provides a wide range of brightness levels, with a dimming range that spans from 1% to 100%. Whether you need soft, ambient lighting or intense, vibrant illumination, you can easily dial in the right level to match your requirements. Illuminate your subject or yourself with precision and confidence.

Built to Last

Quality is paramount, and the 12″ Dimmable Ring Light lives up to expectations. Its durable aluminum shell not only ensures longevity but also adds a touch of elegance to your setup. This ring light is a reliable companion that will serve you for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment for any creative or professional endeavor.

Remote Control Convenience

To make your shooting experience even more convenient, the ring light comes equipped with a remote control. Adjust the lighting settings without needing to fumble with buttons on the device itself. This remote control puts the power of customization right at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on your creative work.

Stability and Flexibility in One

The stand tripod of the 12″ Dimmable Ring Light can extend up to 210mm, ensuring both stability and flexibility during use. Whether you’re working on a tabletop or require the ring light to stand tall, it can adapt to your needs. Say goodbye to wobbly setups and hello to a reliable support system for your lighting.

Technical Specifications

  • Brightness: 26-30lm
  • Color Temperatures: 6500K (white) and 3200K (warm white)
  • Power: 30W
  • Voltage: 5V

The 12″ Dimmable Ring Light from Decibel Audio Kenya is a versatile and practical tool that can elevate your photography, videography, and various other activities that demand impeccable lighting. With its array of features and adaptability, it’s the perfect companion for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Visit or drop by Decibel Audio Kenya’s store on Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi to get your hands on this illuminating marvel. Illuminate your world and let your creativity shine with the 12″ Dimmable Ring Light!

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