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QSs Q112™ Midrange Speaker

When it comes to the world of music and audio, the pursuit of excellence in sound quality is never-ending. As a proud purveyor of musical instruments and audio equipment, Decibel Audio Kenya is thrilled to introduce you to one of our latest additions: the QSs Q112™ midrange speaker. This innovative piece of audio technology is set to revolutionize your sound experience, whether you’re a seasoned musician, an audio enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates crystal-clear sound.

Meet the QSs Q112™: A Sound Marvel

The QSs Q112™ is not your average midrange speaker. It is a trapezoidal, two-way loudspeaker that boasts an impressive array of features designed to deliver unparalleled audio performance. At its core, the Q112™ incorporates a 12-inch die-cast aluminum woofer, featuring a substantial 3-inch voice coil. This robust driver ensures that every note and sound is reproduced faithfully, capturing the essence of your music with exceptional clarity.

One of the standout features of the Q112™ is its 15mm, 11-ply enclosure. This meticulously crafted enclosure provides ample capacity to deliver robust low-frequency extension down to 65 Hz. What makes this even more remarkable is that it accomplishes this feat without the need for a subwoofer. For musicians and audio professionals working in scenarios with limited space or budget constraints, the Q112™ becomes an invaluable tool.

Perfecting Sound Dispersion

Sound dispersion is a critical factor in ensuring that your audience enjoys a consistent listening experience. The Q112™ excels in this aspect with its DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) coverage angle of 85°. This well-balanced dispersion pattern makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including medium and medium-long throw scenarios. Whether you’re setting up for a live concert, stage monitoring, a dance music event, or a karaoke night, the Q112™ has got you covered.

Unleash the Potential: QSC E Series Entertainment System

While the Q112™ is undoubtedly a powerhouse on its own, it truly shines when paired with the QSC E Series Entertainment System. Modern powered loudspeakers have evolved, relying on finely tuned digital signal processing (DSP) to achieve higher levels of performance. When you combine the Q112™ with QSC GXD or PLD amplifiers or a QSC TouchMix digital mixer, you unlock the full potential of this speaker.

QSC has invested years of research and development to create tailored E Series DSP settings for all three platforms. This means that your Q112™, when integrated into the E Series Entertainment System, is capable of delivering a sound experience that is finely tuned to your specific needs. Whether you require live sound reinforcement, stage monitoring, dance music, or karaoke, the Q112™, in conjunction with the E Series, will exceed your expectations.

In the world of music and audio, achieving the perfect sound is an art form. The QSs Q112™ midrange speaker, available at Decibel Audio Kenya, elevates that art form to new heights. With its powerful 12-inch die-cast aluminum woofer, impressive low-frequency extension, and versatile dispersion capabilities, the Q112™ is a sound marvel.

But don’t stop there – unlock the true potential of the Q112™ by integrating it into the QSC E Series Entertainment System. The advanced DSP capabilities offered by this system will take your sound experience to a whole new level, tailored to your specific needs and applications.

Decibel Audio Kenya is proud to bring you the QSs Q112™, a speaker that embodies the pursuit of audio excellence. Whether you’re a musician, audio professional, or simply a lover of great sound, the Q112™ is here to elevate your auditory experience. Visit our store today and immerse yourself in the world of premium sound quality – it’s a journey you won’t want to miss.

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