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Sound Craft Kv 160

The Sound Craft KV160 Sound Mixer is a new and high-quality powered mixer, boasting 16 channels for versatile audio mixing. This professional channel mixer prioritizes audio quality and ease of use with its uncluttered control surface. It combines a high-performance mixer, power amplifiers, graphic equalizers, and digital effects unit into a compact and portable console-style unit, making it a go-to choice for DJs seeking the ultimate music mix. Additionally, its rack-mountable design ensures easy portability and is suitable for various applications. The Pev Pro KV160 Sound Mixer features active amplification and offers 16 channels for a comprehensive audio mixing experience. With multiple connectivity options, including 3.5mm, USB, 6.3mm, Aux, and Bluetooth, this mixer can effortlessly integrate with various audio sources. It comes equipped with a built-in amplifier, providing powerful and clear sound output. The mixer features two-band equalizers, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and 16 digital effects, adding versatility and creative potential to the audio mixing process. With its affordable price and outstanding features, the Sound Craft KV160 Sound Mixer is a worthwhile investment for professionals and audio enthusiasts alike.


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