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Shure A52

Shure A52 is a specialized microphone designed for kick drums and bass instruments, offering studio-quality performance even at high sound pressure levels. Its super cardioid pickup pattern ensures high gain before feedback and effective rejection of unwanted noise from other sources on stage. The frequency response is tailored for bass instruments, featuring a range of 20Hz to 10kHz with a presence boost at 4kHz, allowing electric basses and kick drums to stand out in the mix. The microphone comes with a built-in dynamic locking stand adapter and integral XLR connector, making setup convenient, especially when placed inside a kick drum. With its durable construction, advanced shock mount system, and neodymium magnet, the Beta 52A guarantees reliability and a high signal-to-noise ratio output. It is the go-to choice for professional musicians seeking to capture the rich sound of their kick drum, bass amp, and acoustic bass, both on stage and in the studio. Additionally, it is available as part of the DMK57-52 Drum Mic Kit, along with other essential components for drum recording.


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