PD 1852 4000 watts

KSh 22,000.00 KSh 21,500.00 inc. Vat

Nominal Diameter 460 mm / 18″
Voice Coil Diameter 127 mm / 5.0″
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω
Available In 4 Ω/ 8 Ω/ 16 Ω
Power Rating 1000 w (A.E.S.)
Peak Power (6dB Crest Factor) 4000 w (A.E.S.)
Sensitivity (1w / 1m) 98 dB
Frequency Range 35 Hz – 2 kHz
Recommended Enclosure Volume 90 – 220 Litres
Resonance 41.85 Hz
Voice Coil Winding Depth 29 mm / 1.14″
Magnet Gap Depth 12 mm / 0.47″
Flux Density Tesla 1.18 Tesla
Magnet Material Ceramic
Voice Coil Material Copper
Former Material Glass Fibre
Dust Dome Material Paper
Suspension Material Dual silicone
Cone Surround Material Paper / HGBC


  • Heavy-duty cast aluminium chassis for increased rigidity.
  • Power compression only 1.7dB at rated power.
  • A B/L in excess of 30 T/m.
  • Double suspension.
  • Appropriate for applications as diverse as scoop bins, conventional reflex cabinets and horn loaded systems.
  • Silicone suspension system.
  • Increased excursion over an 1850/2.
  • Delivers fine and balanced tonal character, but equally can deliver aggressive bass in the lower bandwidths.


*1 Power compression is the reduction of sensitivity at the specified power. Higher power ratings do not necessarily give a proportionate increase in SPL therefore the maximum SPL of the driver may significantly exceed that of other manufacturers with high power ratings.

1. AES Standard (35 to 350 Hz) Program 1600 Watts.
2. AES Recommended Practice.
3. Thiele – Small Parameters follow a 1000 Watt preconditioning period.

Please note that frequency response measurements are supplied for comparison purposes only and are not a measure of the low frequency performance which may be achievable in a fully optimised system.


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