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Jbl Srx 715

The SRX715 is a powerful, lightweight dual-way speaker system that offers the utmost level of performance achievable from a speaker that can be positioned on a pole or regular speaker tripod stand. The SRX715 is composed of a 380 mm (15 in) 2265H patented* Differential Drive® subwoofer that handles 800 watts (continuous), yet the entire system weighs merely 22 kg (48 lb). For high frequencies, a 2431H 75 mm (3 in) voice-coil, a neodymium compression driver is attached to a 75° by 50° aluminum horn. Bi-amp or complete-range passive operation can be chosen by means of a recessed, high-current switch installed on the input plate. For utilization on a tripod or above a subwoofer, JBL’s dual-angle pole mount is included. This characteristic allows the speaker to be installed in a vertical position or with a 10° downward tilt for optimal audience coverage. For applications requiring suspension, a flying version, the SRX715F is accessible. The F version provides the choice of choosing cost-effective forged eyebolts (not included) for fixed installation or the convenience of detachable track fittings (not included) for portable applications. The enclosure is constructed of premium birch plywood and coated in JBL’s sturdy DuraFlex™ finish. The appealing CNC-machined, 16-gauge steel grille wraps around the sides of the enclosure, eliminating any protruding lips on the front of the box that could cause acoustic interference. The grilles are internally lined with acoustically transparent foam, providing additional driver protection and presenting a highly professional appearance.


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