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Crest Audio 9

The Crest Audio CA9 Power Amplifier is a powerful and reliable amplifier with various advanced features. It offers 600W x 2 output power at 8Ω stereo and 900W x 2 output power at 4Ω stereo, making it suitable for high-powered subwoofers and passive full-range systems. The amplifier’s Class H circuitry and over-built power supply ensure exceptional sonic performance and long-term reliability.

With its comprehensive protection features, including ACL, IGM, AutoRamp, and more, the CA9 ensures safe and efficient operation even in demanding situations. The cooling system with dual, rear-mounted variable-speed fans ensures efficient heat dissipation. The CA9 also comes with front and rear panel controls, LED indicators, and various input connectors, providing easy and convenient operation.

Ideal for installations and touring applications, the Crest Audio CA9 delivers absolute sonic accuracy and precise bass definition. With its robust construction and advanced circuitry, this power amplifier offers outstanding value and exceptional audio quality.


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