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Crest Audio 38

The Crest Audio 38 Power Amplifier from Decibelaudiokenya, the best-authorised supplier in Kenya, is a high-power amplifier with impressive technical specifications. It offers 1800W x 2 output power at 8Ω stereo, 3600W x 2 output power at 4Ω stereo, and 3800W output power at 8Ω bridge mono. With a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz and low total harmonic distortion, it delivers accurate and clean audio reproduction. The amplifier features various protection mechanisms and control options for optimal performance and safety.

Ideal for auditoriums, churches, tour sound companies, and mobile DJs, the Crest Audio 38 combines value and sonic quality. Its robust construction and proven amplifier technology make it a reliable choice for demanding applications. With its affordable price and excellent output quality, it is highly recommended for those seeking a powerful and dependable amplifier in Kenya.


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