BNK x75 Professional 4-in-1 Wireless Microphone

KSh 22,000.00 KSh 17,500.00 inc. Vat

This Professional Wireless Microphone has 8 acoustic presence which are –

0: standard, 1: Boost, 2: Treble, 3: Pop, 4: Rock, 5: Classic, 6: Jazz, 7: Dance, 8: R&B.

Suitable for any Occasion and Performance activities.

The four microphones reaches upto 200 metres foot range.

It use UHF high band frequency.

BNK  Dual channel UHF wireless MICROPHONE system the vocal Artist microphone.


  • All circuits use SMT technology,
  • It has very high consistency and quality stability
  • With special digital launch receiving circuit, strongly improve S/N ratio, high fidelity reduction pick up sound
  • Digital transmit receive encryption, stop all external signal interference,
  • Set special arbitrary selection of 8 kinds of effect sound output, with Sound effects display screen,
  • suitable for all kinds of occasions and performance activities.

The sound effect selection key is on the side.


  • Power indicator:- the indicator light will turn on when connected to the power supply and it will be darken when turn on the power switch.
  • Power switch :- to open the power supply
  • RF Signal indicator:- to indicate signal received from transmitter
  • AF Signal Indicator
  • Sound Effects Digital Display
  • Sound Effects Select Key:- 8 different kinds of audio effects for choose
  • Volume Control Knob
  • LCD Display.
  • Brand :- BNK
  • Made in Hongkong



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