Shure Handheld 4 in 1

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The BNK BK8400 4-IN-1 Wireless Microphone Set is a versatile and professional audio solution designed for various occasions and performance activities. With four handheld microphones and four separate XLR channels, this system provides flexibility and convenience for group performances, conferences, or other events requiring multiple microphones. The digital receiver ensures reliable and interference-free transmission, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

One of the standout features of this wireless microphone set is its long-range capability, reaching up to 150 meters. This extended range allows performers or speakers the freedom to move around without compromising audio quality. The eight acoustic presets, ranging from standard to specific genre preferences like Boost, Treble, Pop, Rock, Classic, Jazz, Dance, and R&B, cater to diverse audio needs, ensuring optimal sound for different performance styles.

The BNK BK8400 employs UHF high band frequency technology, minimizing interference from other devices and providing a stable and clear signal transmission. The system’s overall design focuses on user convenience, with each handheld microphone equipped with a digital LCD display showing essential information such as frequency, battery level, and channel. The same information is mirrored on the receiver, allowing users to monitor the system status comprehensively.

The receiver and handheld microphones feature a durable metal construction with displays, enhancing the overall robustness and reliability of the system. The inclusion of balanced and unbalanced audio output levels further contributes to its versatility, making it compatible with various audio setups. Whether used in professional settings or for recreational activities, the BNK BK8400 4-IN-1 Wireless Microphone Set stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for those seeking a high-quality wireless microphone system.


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Shure Handheld 4 in 1


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