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Allen&Heath Gl-2400

Are you in search of a high-quality, versatile mixing console to elevate your audio experience? Look no further than the Allen & Heath GL2400, a powerhouse in the world of professional audio mixing. Located at Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi, Kenya, Decibel Audio Kenya is your trusted source for top-notch audio equipment, and the GL2400 is no exception.

Unleash the Power of Allen & Heath GL2400

The Allen & Heath GL2400 is a widely recognized mixing console celebrated for its compact design and robust capabilities. It’s a staple in the world of audio engineering, catering to a wide range of audio mixing needs for venues and hire stockists across the globe. Available in frame sizes ranging from 16 to 40 channels, including 2 dual stereo channels, this mixer is designed to meet the demands of any audio environment.

Extensive Control Over Audio Signals

One of the standout features of the GL2400 is its comprehensive control over audio signals. It boasts LR and M main outputs, 4 audio groups with pan control, and 6 auxiliary sends with per-channel pre/post fader switching. This level of control ensures that audio engineers can precisely tailor their sound, whether it’s for a live performance or a recording session.

Versatility for All Applications

The GL2400’s versatility shines through in its features. It includes a 7×4 matrix for additional routing options, allowing for flexible front-of-house (FOH) and monitor mixing configurations. It’s equally at home in recording applications, thanks to its channel direct outputs and the ability to independently route stereo channel line inputs to LR. This flexibility makes it a go-to choice for professionals in both live sound and recording scenarios.

Audio Precision at Its Best

When it comes to audio quality, the GL2400 doesn’t disappoint. Each channel is equipped with a 4-band, 2-sweep EQ, 100Hz channel high pass filters, and individual phantom power and polarity switching. Its high-quality components and low-noise mix head amp design guarantee optimal audio performance, ensuring that every note and sound is crystal clear.

Monitoring and Metering Options

The GL2400 also excels in monitoring and metering. It offers various monitoring options, including talkback functionality, an oscillator, and a pink noise generator. This makes it easy for audio engineers to fine-tune their mixes to perfection. Headphone and local monitor outputs further enhance the monitoring capabilities, allowing for precise control during live performances and recording sessions.

Built to Last

In the world of audio equipment, durability is crucial. The GL2400 features rugged construction that can withstand the rigors of professional use. Its thoughtful design ensures that it’s not only reliable but also efficient, making it a preferred choice for audio engineers worldwide.

In the heart of Nairobi, Kenya, Decibel Audio Kenya brings you the Allen & Heath GL2400, a versatile and industry-standard mixing console that meets the demands of both live sound and recording applications. With its compact design, extensive control options, and unmatched audio quality, the GL2400 is a reliable and efficient tool for professional audio engineers. When you’re seeking the best in audio equipment, trust Decibel Audio Kenya to deliver the GL2400 for all your audio mixing needs. Elevate your sound today with the Allen & Heath GL2400, available at Decibel Audio Kenya on Luthuli Avenue.

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